I founded Turn Wright driving school in 2006 as an independent driving school. Over the years I have helped guide people through their driving experience.

What my skills are

Most people have experienced some form of driving in their life whether as a passenger in a car, driving with a parent or driving with another instructor. My aim is to build on these experiences enabling me to guide you on your way to passing your test. Everyone is a little nervous when they start driving whether they are unsure about what their instructor will be like, apprehensive about their ability to drive the car or unsure about how other road users will react to them whilst driving.

Your first lesson will be in a quiet area where I will assess your existing skills and between us we will discuss how we can work together to improve them allowing you to gain the confidence to pass your test.  I teach a range of people some with whom have driven  before and others who have never been behind the wheel of a car in their life. During the first lesson i will teach you the basics about clutch control, braking and the use of the accelerator.

My aim is to work with you and help you to understand everything about what the car will and won't do and encourage you to ask questions and learn from any mistakes made. I am relaxed, friendly, approachable, and thorough. I encourage my learners to ask questions and offer praise when things go well. Equally if something goes wrong we will discuss the reasons why it isn’t working and decide between us how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. My average pass rate is 78%, the recommended hours for a learner to achieve test standard depends on previous driving experience but the DVSA recommend that they do at least forty two hours.

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